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Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate approach to counseling used with children between the ages 3 and 8.  While the child plays in a protected and structured environment with specially selected therapeutic games and toys, the counselor observes. Just as an adult would carefully select words and gestures to communicate his/her feelings, the child will choose toys and play behaviors that best express his/her feelings.  A child that has experienced trauma or is struggling with understanding a recent family change may play out that theme repetitively.  During therapeutic play, the counselor verbally reflects and mirrors back to the child what he/she may have been thinking or feeling during a specific trauma or event. Within a supportive and therapeutic relationship, the child will begin to emotionally resolve distressing events. 

The following video will provide perspective behind the rationale and importance of play therapy.


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Supervision –

There is a mix of trepidation and excitement when you finish your counseling degree.  Although thrilled to have graduated and have finished your coursework, you may quickly realize that you miss the safety net of school and the ongoing clinical dialogue with classmates and professors. You may wonder how to navigate the steps ahead: taking the NCE, finding a practicum site, finding a supervisor, and continuing your professional growth outside of the school environment.  


We are here to help!  We have walked the road that you are about to head down.  It’s an exciting time, and it is a process that will shape the direction of your future professional career.  We would love to talk about partnering with you during this time!


We will assist you in mastering skills to gain confidence as a counselor, to challenge you to grow in your areas of interest, and to hold yourself to the highest ethical standards.   In our work together, we bear the ethical and legal responsibility for all of your actions with clients.  Because of this, our supervision will depend on the foundation of a trusting relationship with mutual goals, a common purpose, a willingness to be open regarding work with clients, and being willing to accept positive and negative feedback in order for you to be able to challenge yourself to improve as a counselor.  We will take responsibility for being available to you, being supportive, and challenging you with timely feedback.  In return, we ask for you to be prepared for supervision, to be open to feedback, to be honest and share mistakes/concerns, to take responsibility for providing ethical care to clients, to be on time for sessions, to keep accurate documentation, to keep record of your supervision hours, and to complete any assignment given during supervision. 


Please complete the form below or call us to set up a free appointment to meet and discuss your supervision needs.  Should we decide to journey together on this path toward your LPC licensure, we will be happy to provide a list of potential practicum sites as well as assistance in navigating the paperwork submission process with the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.


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We look forward to working with you as you strive to connect, grow, and heal!

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