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     Before becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor, Brandi spent 6 years as a Special Education Teacher working with individuals and families with seemingly insurmountable challenges.  During this time, she learned that within the framework of a supportive relationship, her students and families were able to take risks and begin thinking outside of the box in order to address their day-to-day difficulties. 

     Brandi carries this ingenuity and creativity into the counseling room even today.  She believes that her clients are resilient, and she has seen that change occurs within trusting relationships, as clients feel safe enough to take risks and explore new patterns of interactions.  She believes that individuals and families can overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges both emotionally and within their relationships.  Brandi approaches her work with individuals and families from a systemic perspective believing that the individual both influences and is being influenced by his/her family system.   

     Brandi has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2011 and a board approved Supervisor since 2013.  In addition to her work at Sacred Space Counseling Center, Brandi partners with a local non-profit counseling agency to help train students that are pursuing a Master’s degree in Counseling.  Brandi is currently completing her 2nd year within the Marriage and Family Therapy PhD program at Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth. 

In her spare time, Brandi enjoys all things creative, loves to laugh, watches Married at First Sight as well as other reality-based TV shows, and plays ball with her Yorkie named Gus. 

     Brandi would love to work with you and/or your family as you take steps to connect, grow, and heal!  

Brandi M. Smith

     Pastor Sean has been involved in Ministry since 1992.  He completed Ordination in 2004 through the local Church and he desires to serve you as you engage the Word of God during the ebb and flow of life.  He values your journey with the Lord as you interact with the Word of God.  As you share your trials and victories, being led by the Spirit, and exploring the Word of God, you will  experience grace, faith, hope and love.
     Sean has been married for over 25 years, and understands the commitment of significant relationships.  Marriage is one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences in life.  During those complicated seasons we need support.  
     As a Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator, Pastor Sean will help you regain the quality of your marriage by allowing you to discover unique strengths and potential growth areas of your relationship.  Prepare-Enrich assesses areas of your relationship such as communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, finances and spiritual beliefs.  Whether you are preparing to marry or you've been married for a number of years, every relationship encounters opportunities to grow.
     Currently, Sean is the Family Life Servant at Community of Hope in Mansfield, TX.  Valuable years of ministry and education, along with relevant experience in Biblical counseling with youth, young adults, married couples, and adult individuals have graced Sean as a Compassionate listener and seasoned Pastor devoted to Biblical Truth.
     Sean earned his Bachelor of Science from Dallas Baptist University, Master of Divinity from The King's University (Van Nuys, CA) and is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry at The King's University (Southlake, TX).

Sean D. Cawthon

Heather Cawthon

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