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Sacred Space Counseling was established in 2015 with a desire to provide the DFW community with a safe place for individuals, couples, and families to connect, grow, and heal.  Heather Cawthon, Ph.D. and Brandi M. Smith, Ph.D. are Licensed Professional Counselors through the State of Texas as well as board-approved Supervisors of Licensed Professional Counselor Interns.   


Our Approach - We believe that healing is possible within a supportive environment where you have space to explore emotional patterns, identify those that are working and those that are not, and develop a plan to make changes in areas that are not working as well as you desire.    


We approach problems from a systemic lens knowing we do not live in a vacuum.  Your thoughts, feelings, and actions impact your family and your family's thoughts, feelings, and actions impact you.

What to Expect - At Sacred Space, we work with individuals (ages 3 and above) and families facing a variety of struggles: domestic violence, history of trauma, marital issues, addictions, spiritual struggles, and a host of other concerns.  Using different therapeutic modalities such as traditional therapy, sand tray, art, and play; we seek to meet where s/he is developmentally and emotionally. 


During your first session, your therapist will complete a thorough biopsychosocial assessment as well as discuss your current needs.  After this, you and your therapist will develop a treatment plan customized to meet your goals. 


Location - We serve the DFW area with three locations (McKinney and Mansfield) as well as Wichita Falls.  Please call for an appointment.


Office Hours – To make scheduling convenient, we are open Monday through Saturday.  We schedule appointments between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM.


Fees – We do not accept insurance at this time.  We charge $150.00 per hour for counseling*.  Payment is remitted when services are rendered.  We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. 


*We believe counseling can bring healing.  We also believe counseling should be accessible to those who desire wholeness.  If you are in need of counseling, but unable to afford the current rate, you are welcome to apply for a Reduced Rate Scholarship.  


To apply for a Reduced Rate Scholarshipplease follow the instructions below:

One of our staff will contact you regarding your needs.  In the event a scholarship is unavailable, we will be happy to refer you to other providers in the DFW area.


We look forward to working with you as you strive to connect, grow, and heal!

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